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LinkedIn allows professionals to build exposure for their personal brand within the site itself as well as in the worldwide web as a whole. With a tool that LinkedIn dubs a Profile Strength Meter, the site encourages users to offer enough information in their profile to optimize visibility by search engines. A basic profile should include a person's industry and location, an up-to-date job description, two past positions, education, at least three skills, a profile picture, and at least fifty connections. Web activity such as liking and commenting on content, as well as publishing LinkedIn blog articles and being involved in LinkedIn groups can increase views of one's profile, according to Long. Advisor Kristin Sherry agrees, who recommended that users should engage with commenters and "give give give". Profiles should be written in first person and have well-chosen keywords and list relevant skills, according to Long. In 2016, user profiles with five or more relevant skills were viewed seventeen times more often than those with fewer skills. These skills could be enhanced with recommendations and endorsements to solidify one's social proof. A profile should have internal consistency, so that the headline and image and skills mesh into an easy-to-grasp picture. Long recommends that users update their profiles regularly; a survey by Post Road Consulting found that over two-thirds of respondents spent two or more hours updating their profile every year. LinkedIn's Shiva Kumar advised users to have a good profile picture and showcase one's achievements "without buzzwords". It can strengthen a user's LinkedIn presence if he or she belongs to professional groups in the site. The site enables users to add video to their profiles. Some users hire a professional photographer for one's profile photo. Video presentations can be added to one's profile. LinkedIn's capabilities have been expanding so rapidly that a cottage industry of outside consultants has grown up to help users navigate the system. A particular emphasis is helping users with their LinkedIn profiles.

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