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The Ute range received its first major facelift in the form of the 2002 VY range. VY Ute's received the same upgrades as the sedan/wagon range, which involved a new, sharper-designed nose, and more European-styled interior. The same three specification models were carried over for the VY, and picked up the same upgraded equipment lists as the VY sedans. The VY range marked major change for Holden's Ute range, with the 2003 addition of two new models: the return of the One Tonner cab-chassis utility after a 18-year hiatus; and the introduction of Holden's first-ever 4-door utility, arriving in the form of the Crewman. The Crewman brought a longer wheelbase – 3,206 mm (126. 2 in) compared to the 2,939 mm (115. 7 in) of the Ute; and a shorter tray – 1,463 mm (57. 6 in) compared to the 2,193 mm (86. 3 in) of the Ute In December 2003, Holden released an all-wheel drive variant of the Crewman known as the Crewman Cross 8. Powered by a 225 kW (302 hp) V8 engine, the Cross 8 featured a modified appearance, more suited to an off-road vehicle.

  • Holden Ute Te Koop
  • Holden Ute Te Koop
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