Before 1928, there was a heavy debate on the rules of hockey in The Netherlands. A progressive side, with clubs from Haarlem and Amsterdam, quarreled with conservatives from The Hague, who used a different ball, had mixed teams, used a stick with two flat sides, and lacked a shooting circle. These rules were only used in The Netherlands, therefore, the Netherlands couldn't play international games, since other teams didn't understand the, in their eyes odd, rules. Because of their rules not being accepted by other teams, the Dutch national team couldn't participate in the 1920 Antwerp Olympics. The Netherlands became more and more isolated in hockey because of missing out on international hockey matches. The Netherlands almost couldn't participate in the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics since their rules were still different than those of most other countries. The association, then still called NHBB, was under pressure for possibly missing out on the Olympic tournament, which was hosted in its own country, and decided that the progressive rules were the standard rules used by the national team. The team made it to the final of the tournament (which was lost to British India) and since then, field hockey was popular in The Netherlands.

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