GALLERY: Herman Finkers

Hermenegildus Felix Victor Maria "Herman" Finkers [ɦɛrmeːnə'ɣɪɫdəs 'feːlɪks 'vɪktɔr ma'riaː "'ɦɛrmɑn" 'fɪŋkərs] (born December 9, 1954 in Almelo, Overijssel) is a Dutch comedian, who is well known in the Netherlands for his friendly, dry-witted humour and his ambiguous style of storytelling. In his way of telling a story the moral should never be in the way of a good joke or pun. His humour is never at the expense of others, except his brother Wilfried Finkers, who is frequently the target of jokes. Wilfried Finkers co-wrote material and occasionally appeared in his brother's shows. Herman Finkers temporarily stopped performing in 2000, and soon afterwards he was diagnosed with a form of leukaemia. He was given an estimate of 10 to 15 years of life left. On August 5, 2006 a Fuchsia was named after him. In 2007 he started playing in theatres again, with a new show called "Na de Pauze" (After the Break). On 31 December 2015 he gave the traditional New Year's Eve performance ("Oudejaarsconference") on Dutch television, in which he remarked that the chance that he would become 90 years old was statistically larger than the chance that he died three years ago.

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