In June 2012, a two-month investigation by Channel 4 News uncovered lapses in Habbo's online moderation, which subsequently led to withdrawals from two of the company's biggest investors. In response to the news, Habbo globally muted all chat, and launched "The Great Unmute", allowing users to express their views on the company's future, their experiences with Habbo, and their thoughts on the Channel Four News report. Following this, launching The Great Go-Live, Habbo lifted the chat restrictions for Finnish users to allow testing on a new safety system. Chat restrictions were then lifted for users in Brazil and Spain, followed by France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. A Parental Advisory Summit also launched, to allow parents and users the chance to answer how Habbo can deliver a safer experience, and influence what content children view on other social media platforms. Restrictions on chat were then lifted in Norway, Denmark and Sweden, and finally in the English hotel on 6 July 2012.

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