GALLERY: Hirunika Premachandra And Randima Gamage

Premachandra started her political career soon after her father's death claiming justice to her father's killing. She accused UPFA politician Duminda Silva for the death. She joined her fathers' party Sri Lanka Freedom Party in 2014 to contest for the Provincial Council for the Western Province. She topped the list with the highest numbers of votes. In November 2014 she joined the oppression camp at the presidential election supporting Maithripala Sirisena. Soon after the Sirisena won the election Premachandra was appointed as a member of the central committee of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party. In the 2015 General election, she joined the United National Party list in Colombo in protest against Mahinda Rajapaksa having been granted a nomination for the UPFA. She was elected from the United National Party to the parliament in that election. Premachandra was later sacked from the Sri Lanka Freedom Party for contesting from the UNP. On 18 October 2017 she was appointed as United National Party organiser for Ratmalana by Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe.

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